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Links to some UNISYS WEATHER Analyses (lean & fast):
Midwest radar
composite (3-hr loop)

Lower 48 satellite
composite (12-hr loop)

surface data

Lower 48 wind line
surface  300 mb

Links to some Weather Underground Analyses:

A wunderful animated radar map      Weather Underground SANDUSKY
Area Radar Loop (w/ ground clutter):  Detroit    Fort Wayne    Cleveland
Surface Forecasts:   Cleveland    Detroit    Lorain    Mansfield    Toledo
(Weather Underground has some awesome mobile apps)

Weather Channel Sandusky Local Forecasts:
Sandusky/Cedar Point
Port Clinton   Marblehead/Bay Point
Put-in-Bay     Kelleys Island text (great for slow connections)
Nearshore Marine Forecast - Lake Erie (CLE)
Open Lake Marine Forecast - Lake Erie
Marine Weather Statement - (CLE)

NOAA Lake Erie Water Levels Charts:
Lake Erie Water Level Plot - Daily
Lake Erie Water Level Displacement
GLERL Water Level Page (comprehensive)

NOAA Ice: (parts only updated seasonally)
Great Lakes Ice Analysis Charts
Lake Erie Ice - POMGL Ice Model  (under dev.)
Great Lakes Ice Forecast (text)
Ice Chart - Great Lakes
Area Buoys & Stations:
NOAA Station HHLO1 - Huron OH Light
NOAA Station THLO1 - Toledo OH Light
NOAA Station MRHO1 - Marblehead, OH
NOAA Station SBIO1 - South Bass Island, OH
NOAA Buoy 45005 - W ERIE 28NM NW of Cleve.
NOAA Buoy 45132 - Port Stanley - Lake Erie
Port Stanley Buoy (Canada)

Wind & waves:
Intellicast Current Winds   WINDcast
NOAA Lake Erie Winds  Waves

NOAA Charts
Great Lakes Catalog    Erie Islands  Sandusky Harbor
Printable PDF Charts:
Erie Islands      Sandusky Harbor

Time: Many of the resources here reference UTC, GMT, or Z (spoken "zulu") time. They all mean roughly the same thing and give the time at the 0 meridian (near Greenwich) without seasonal adjustment. To convert from UTC, GMT, or Z time, subtract 5 hours for Eastern Standard Time (EST) or 4 hours for Eastern Daylight Time (EDT.)

For more that most people want to know about time standards, check out the Time FAQ at NIST.

For the official U.S. time right now, click

More resources for sailing Sandusky Bay and Western Lake Erie at:

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